A few sites we think you might find informative and useful …

Chords & Tablature

The BMSB Tabs List (PDF) – from ‘The Big Muffin Serious Band’ (New Zealand)

Chordie (URL) – set the tuning drop-down box at right-of-screen to ‘Ukulele C-Tuning’

The Dominator’s Uke Tabs (URL) – legendary author of Uke Tabs

Dr. Uke (URL) – comprehensive list of tunes

Richard G’s Songbook (URL) – more of the same

Ukulele Beatles Fun! (URL)– ‘self-improvement for free’

Ukulele Wednesdays Songbook 2012 v1 – Another book of songs from the U.K.

Easy Ukulele Chords for Beginners – Very detailed guide of Ukulele chords. Great for Beginnners!

General Stuff

The Ukulele Fix-It Survival Guide – care and feeding of your ukulele

Ukulele Brands – a list of links for just about every brand of uke on the market

Coustii Ukulele Guide and Songs

So Ukulele

Bosko & Honey … we were blessed to have these fine players visit the AUG in 2010 🙂

Curt Shellar … ‘the basics and beyond’

Jim Beloff (Flea Market Music) … serving the Ukulele Community since 1993

Matt Dahlberg (‘The Jumping Flea’) … returning to The Cairns Ukulele Festival 2011

Jake Shimabukuro

James Hill … seriously

Ukulele Hunt –  affectionately known as ‘Uke Hunt’ ~ sounds naughty if you say it fast

Ukulele Underground … bookmark this! ~ simply one of the best uke sites on the planet

Ukulele Making and Tonewood Suppliers

Australian Tonewoods … Tim Spittle in Perth; nice bloke, stunning timber, great deals.

David Hurd … ‘Ukuleles by Kawika’, who tutored in Albany for PIAF’s ‘Playmakers 2009’

The Australia New Zealand Luthiers Forum (ANZLF)

Ukulele Underground – Luthier’s Lounge

Useful Tools

Online Tuner … GCEA in descending order towards the floor

If you want to tune a ukulele with a piano see Songs & Tuner Links



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